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Frequently asked questions

Why did we build MortgageCountry?

To answer YOUR call to reduce the cost of a mortgage. Our focus is YOU – delivering SAVINGS to help your family and our economy. We built a user-friendly technology platform to disrupt an industry plagued with good ideas but poor execution.

What does it cost for a lender to make a mortgage?

An average of $7,535 per loan in 2019…yikes!

What do we mean by savings?

Savings for us means two things – less fees and lower rates. What if all mortgages in 2019 had $500 of less fees……$4.2 billion of savings and reinvestment into our economy and local communities. Change starts HERE.

Why is it so expensive to obtain a mortgage?

It shouldn’t be, and that is why we built MortgageCountry. Our platform is significantly more efficient than our peers who reported 2.3 mortgages closed per employee in 2019.

Ok, MortgageCountry is more efficient but is there more to the story?

Yes! MortgageCountry does not believe in a large network of commission-only loan officers, nor do we believe in traditional, expensive marketing – digital, television, radio, and mail. We are doing it the old fashion-way, one experience at a time.

Why do I want to work with a Mortgage Lender vs. a Bank or a Broker?

MortgageCountry (a lender) specializes in home mortgages – it is our business, the only thing we do. We proudly serve you directly, without the fluff. Banks are known to be more expensive with fluffy fees to pay their corporate expenses. Brokers are simply a middleman to place your mortgage with a Lender or Bank…you are now paying two people rather than one.

Can MortgageCountry meet your needs without a local presence?

In good fun, does Amazon deliver to your doorstep? You can count on us today, tomorrow, and for as long as you have your mortgage to be HERE for you. Our business is built on a distributed business model meaning we hire the best industry gurus, wherever they are located. We are always present, accessible, and accountable to YOU.

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