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Layout Electronics

NCE controls.jpg

This is the NCE PH Pro Radio 5 amp Control System.  The power transformer is on the far right.  The Control System is in the middle.  Extra wireless throttles are laying on the far left.  Mounted to the back of the cabinet are left to right an EB1 circuit breaker being used for the tortise machines on this half of the layout and in the middle is an EB3 for three of the power districts in this area of the layout and on the right is a SoundTraxx PB Programming booster.  The three momentary push buttons on top are to interupt the circuit breakers if a circuit gets shorted.  This saves having the turn the whole system off and back on.

NCE Booster and circuit breakers.jpg

This is a 5 amp booster on the other end of the layout.  The power supply is on the far right and the booster control is next to it.  Behind these components are two more EB3 circuit breakers and an auto reverser between them.  On the far left are 3 NCE Switch8 stationary decoders for some of the turnouts on this end of the layout and for the turnouts located in staging.  Since this installation, I have added another reverser and another circuit breaker,  all with momentary interrupters to deal with short circuits.

Ceiling antenna.jpg

This is the primary radio antenna RB02 wireless base station mounted in the ceiling at one end of the long room.  One wire going to the antenna and the other wire going out to the repeater antenna.

Second antenna.jpg

Here is the RPT1 which is the single repeater that I use mounted in the short end of the extension of my layout room.  I NEVER have any failed connections with controls with this system in my layout room.

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